The Two Great Laws of Life

Yogacharya J. Oliver Black often said we can’t make much Spiritual progress until we understand and appreciate these two great laws of God and Nature

1.The Law of Continuous Life.

2.The Law of Cause and Effect.

And because of these two great laws we are completely responsible for everything that happens to us. Or as Yogacharya Oliver bluntly put it ‘Everything that happens to us is our own fault, good or bad.’

At first this might seem daunting, overwhelming, but as you gain wisdom and understanding you realize that these two truths are actually liberating if understood and used properly. We are in complete control of our own destiny. What happens to us is always a result of our past and present thoughts and actions. You get to control what ever happens to you completely, You make your own future and destiny by what you think and do Now!!

Make your own destiny!

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